Train decoder for Märklin Digital

History :

Here you can see how the firmware (and hardware) for the decoder have developed since late 1998.
Frankie and I had expected to have this finished by 1999 so we could turn to other projects like loco controller, turnout controller and projects not at all related to model railroading.

We were wrong! This will probably be just another never-ending project. Not in the sense that it will never be useable, on the contrary. The decoder works as it is expected to, right now.
But ideas for new features keeps popping up. And we try to implement them as well as we can. Please keep requesting those exciting new features you just can't live without!

But! We will run out of codespace soon. We have used around 90% of the processors codespace now. Even though we constantly try to compact the existing code to gain a few bytes here and there, the limit is not far away.
So we have decided to leave version 2 as it is now, and continue with version 3. The hardware will not change, only the firmware. But existing functionality may disappear, to make room for new functionality.

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(C) 1999 Bo Brændstrup